I wouldn’t be scared of Bieber, I’d punch his head in. Granted I’d rather meet those guys because they’re a hell of a lot more interesting that that douchecanoe

Idk about you guys but if I saw a guy looking like Marilyn Manson walking towards me I would be scared shitless/achingly aroused

shocking how even the people of tumblr claim that they wish to ‘punch[Justin Beiber’s] his head in’ purely because his music is not to their taste and he dresses in the way in which he wishes to dress. Just as those other musicians do. I’m not what you’d call a ‘fan’ of any of the previously named, but im sure as fuck that im not going to insult them and make vicious comments about my intents toward them in order to emphasize the positive aspects of the musicians that acquire to my music taste. If you need to do that, clearly your argument is a pile of shit and you’re full of it.

He’s a boy that’s made something of himself, just as much as your idols have. Enough with the ridiculous, unwarranted hate towards Justin fucking Beiber.

Excuse me but I have to respectfully disagree with your accusations to us hating Justin Beiber “purely because his music is not our taste”. Justin Beiber has exhibited many distasteful character flaws which include: spitting on fans, peeing in mop buckets, disrespecting the dead, being arrogant, teaching children that its OK to stop going to school, and these are only the few that come to mind right off hand.

Choose your battles. If its arguing for Justin Beiber’s morals, you will always lose.

re: Justin Bieber, dude says that rape happens for a reason and that “real fans” of his would be anti-abortion

re: the article, they’re missing Rob Swire

Justin Bieber abandoned his pet monkey.

Justin Bieber kicks puppies.